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Dawn is a strong believer in helping people. Sometimes in our lives we need a little assistance. Dawn has created a scholarship program to give back to those who can benefit from it.  

Scholarships are awarded to those looking to become a ThetaHealer® and those looking to continue in their ThetaHealing® practice. Dawn gives 10% to 20% of the people that come to her classes scholarships. Below are the requirements for receiving a scholarship.

General Requirements for Scholarships:

  • With allowance for Dawn’s schedule, decisions and posting dates will vary. We will do our very best so those that are awarded can make arrangements.
  • When the scholarships are decided we will post notice on the website and contact those individually.
  • Please do not come unannounced, expecting to attend a class or classes. By our city, county and state laws, we are limited to the amount of persons that can be in our building at one time. We cannot exceed these restrictions without incurring heavy fines and the possibility of authorities closing our doors, denying any access at all.
  • Scholarships granted are based on class size and minimum student reqruiements being met. Expenses to put on the class must be met before scholarships can be granted, therefore scholarships may not be released until shortly before class begins.

Generalities for Scholarships

  1. A non-refundable deposit and material fee is due at the time the scholarship is awarded. This is to insure recipient’s seat is held for them and to cover building and faculty expenses. Material fee is for the items that are required for class that we order in.
    • Basic, Advanced, Game of Life and Manifesting = $200
    • Soul Mate and Animal Communication = $100
    • Rhythm to Perfect Weight and Plant Class = $80
    • Intuitive Anatomy, Disease & Disorder, World Relations, Rainbow Adults and DNA3 = $260
  2. Those that receive scholarships are expected to donate personal time in helping with setting up in the morning before class and help with cleaning up after the end of class each day.
  3. Scholarship individuals are responsible for their travel, accommodations and food.
  4. In trying to help as many as possible, please choose selectively for the class you really need or want. We will not award one individual, multiple classes on scholarship.
  5. Please complete form below stating why you want the scholarship, for which class (country, date and name of class) and a little bit about yourself. Please include phone number with country’s code, address and email address.
  6. We will try to notify those that we have received the request, to stop multiple inquiries.

These requirements will be adjusted and modified as items surface, so please check to see if something has changed.

Complete form below to apply for a scholarship:

Message to Dawn (optional)
Have you taken any ThetaHealing classes before? If so, which ones? Year completed
Reason for requesting Scholarship:

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