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If you are a Certified Theta Healing practitioner (or a practitioner of any healing modality for that matter), a Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor or other holisitic provider that has been lead to establish a practice, but doesn't really know where to start with a website, shopping cart, merchant account, social networking, etc., then you are among friends. Many consciousness providers are heart centered and don't have a lot of experience with marketing or building websites.

Well it's really not that difficult and the good news is you can do it yourself! Below you will find some links to help you get started for FREE!

Start by watching the video below to understand the importance of having an online presence and utilizing the social networking explosion to expand your business.

If you do it yourself, know it does take time. It doesn't just happen magically, so you just have to decide if doing the marketing yourself is the best option or hiring others to do it for you. I prefer to do it myself since I am on a budget.

I have found I keep control this way and am able to quickly update my website from any computer without having to wait to have my updates done by a webdesigner.

You can build your own website with templates and easy site-builders with little computer experience. It's similar to a Facebook or Myspace layout. Now the appearance will not compete with the pros, but it's functional and you can always hire someone by the hour to help you when you want something more sophisticated added to your website.

Prior to my spiritual awakening and becoming a Theta Healing Instructor, I worked in corporate America excelling in marketing, network administration, ecommerce, administration. I self-taught myself HTML and became a big seller on eBay in the early 2000's.

If you have a nack for computers, I believe it will behoove you to do it yourself. Below is a listing of websites I personally use to streamline my business.

If you are on a budget, you don't have to do them all. I add more services to assist me as I grow so I build my income before taking on additional month expenses. But for instance, my  volume of session requests were 20-30 a week and I was manually emailing people back and forth. It took at least 5-10 hours a week just doing the scheduling. Once I found the online calendar, it was worth the money to pay for it as it allowed me to use those hours to do sessions instead of administrative work. 

  • Domain Names: The first thing you need to do is purchase your domain name. This is the address to your website.
    • When selecting a domain name, try your best to get a .com as they are much more valuable and easier to get to than .net, .biz or other domain extensions.
    • Keep it short and simple. The shorter the better and use words that are easy to spell. People forget difficult words and if they can't spell it, it's likely they won't find your website.
    • Make a list of all the names you would like and then see if they are available. Don't get discouraged. Just try different combos.
    • If you can get your name, BUY IT! You can have several domain names pointing to the same website. One of the easiest things for someone to remember is your name if you don't have a business card or time to write it down when talking to someone you just met.
I am an authorized reseller of domain names and web hosting packages thru...

Purchase your domain name and hosting package using the same sitebuilder I do

Go to:

Domain names start at $15 a year and hosting plans at only $10/month.

Benefits are:
  • Build up to 3 separate websites for less than $10/month.
  • Easy to use SiteBuilder with 100's of templates to choose from.
  • Ability to log-in and update your website from any computer connected to the internet worldwide in minutes.
  • Create up to 150 emails for your domain name
Plus if you use this system, if you need updates done that you cannot do yourself, you can buy my help by the hour to assist you.
  • Webhosting for only $8.97 per month
    • Includes 4 domains (4 separate websites)
    • 5 Seat Webinar Conference Room
    • Auto-Responder
    • Video Producing Software
    • Blog Builder
    • LIVE training
  • Successfully Market your Practice/Biz on Facebook Webinar:
    • 5 hour webinar
    • Includes PDF Manual
    • Only $125
    • [Details]
  • Webinar Ease: Do you need to hold a webinar? For only $8.97 you can offer webinars with all the amazing bells and whistles. [details]
    • Show Powerpoint Presentations
    • Desktop Sharing
    • Multiple Speakers
    • Live Chat
    • Presenter View
    • PC/Mac compatible
    • Guest Password Enabled Option
    • Record Option
    • Steam Video
    • and so much more!
  • Syllabus: Class syllabus available to certified instructors for Basic, Advanced and Manifesting classes. Now you can make sure you are on track and covering the information required in a easy to read format with check off boxes to allow you flexibility. Only $19.70 each! [details]
  • Accept Payments Online (without a credit check). Use Paypal. I have been using Paypal since 2001 without incident. They are owned by eBay and you can accept payments immediately from anyone around the world.
    • I upgraded to Paypal's Virtual Terminal. For only $30 a month, I can now accept all credit cards without my clients having to log into their Paypal account. I am able to accept in person and phone orders now and easily enter their information into the virtual terminal from any computer worldwide. If you're credit is less than perfect, Paypal will require a 20%-30% hold on funds for 60-90 days to cover the risk of chargebacks. Merchant accounts can be expensive, so Paypal's Virtual Terminal is a Godsend in my opinion.

Paypal Business Accounts
[click here]

  • Online Appointment Setter: Like having a personal assistant. Save tons of time with this totally automated system. Try it out. It's a FREE basic service or select an upgrade that works best for your practice. I did the upgrade because I offer paid and free sessions and need to designate a certain number of freebies each week. I am very pleased with this service.
  • Shopping Cart: It includes newsletter, coupon codes and affiliate programs. I love it!
    • A shopping cart gives you the capability to add buttons to purchase items to your website. Paypal offers this as well, but the shopping cart is a service that offers many features that are completely integrated with Paypal.
  • FREE Website, Blog, Auto-Responder, and $100's in web tools:
    • Marketing has always been a strong suit for me. Prior to becoming a ThetaHealer, I had over 20 years experience in Corporate America climbing that corporate ladder. I excelled in marketing, webdesign, ecommerce and software training. Now, in addition to teaching and private sessions, I consult fellow collageus how to set up their practices online. I especially love AFFILIATE programs and love to receive unexpected checks in the mail! It's wonderful. Below is a FREE website that offers website, blog, auto-responders and much more, plus you get rewarded with commissions if someone you refer decides to purchase a product. Check it out!
Click here
  • Custom Forms: Personalized forms for your practice. Get the original and have as many copies made for yourself as you need.
    • Personalized Disclosure Form (Release of Liability). See an example [click here]. Form will be customized to your practice and emailed to you as a PDF and 5 jpg images so you can post on your website without others copying it.
    • Personalized ThetaHealing Session Form. Form will be customized to your practice and emailed to you as a PDF.

Each form $29.99

Purchase both for $53
(save $7)
  • Incorporate your business: Make it official. Incorporate your business, file your DBA, or form your business easily with
  • Marketing: Marketing your website is key. In the upcoming months I will be offering tele-classes on social networking, marketing and promoting your services.
    • Another service that is great is the link on the right... Marketing Pros. They are a  a marketing service which offers valuable marketing insight and resources.
  • Business Cards: Make your own business cards inexpensively at Vista Print. Vista Print has a large selection of easy to make templates for business cards, brochures, car magnet signs, banners. You make them yourself online in seconds. Great prices too!
  • Auxillary Products: As a holistic provider, it's important that you recommend to your clients ways they can enhance their health. Look for a product that you believe in to recommend when needed. I personally chose the Young Living Essential Oils and Organo Gold Organic Healthy Coffe lines which I absolutely love and the Mood Cure book (which was referred to me by Vianna Stibal).

  • Video & Web Conferencing Services: MegaMeeting is a browser-based video conferencing software that requires no downloading, installing or configuring of software. All you need is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a web camera or digital video camera (if you wish to be seen).
  • Affiliate Marketing: Once you get your website up and running, use affiliate programs which pay you commissions for referrals. You personally select products and services complimentary to your practice to advertise on your website.

  • Recommended Reading
  • Ordination: Get ordained online.
    • If you are a holistic healer, it's important that you become a Reverend to be protected legally in some states. I am located in California and here if someone lays hands on another without certification or being a Reverand, the client can hold them liable and sue them.
Click here

I hope these resources have helped you. The page is currently under development. More resources will be added so check back soon.

Throughout the year, I offer marketing tele-classes and 1 day workshops (for those in the Idaho Falls and areas I travel to) that want to learn how to market themselves on social networking sites like Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, Myspace, etc. I will also be covering how to create an effective video from your own laptop, how to build a mailing list, the importance of newsletters, blogs and creating fun and flashy promotions. If you are interested in getting in on these tele-classes, be sure to join my [mailing list]

If you have any questions, feel free to [email] me. I am also available to do a session with you on marketing. Feel free to share this page with your friends. There is an ample amount of abundance out there. Share the knowledge!

Sending love & light,
Dawn Maree