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Dawn Maree, 7k Metals Associate at: - click image to visit site.
Palm Desert/Palm Springs Area Classes
January 2018

Scholarships available for ThetaHealing classes instructed by Dawn Maree, ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing Master Instructor. The ThetaHealing Technique is created by Vianna Stibal

What's unique about Dawn's classes...

Dawn is dedicated to keeping up to date and current on all the ThetaHealing topics she teaches. For each class she has created an eye-popping PowerPoint presentation that is visually pleasing for the lecture portions of the class.

In addition, Dawn uses state of the art technology to take the class to the next level to be sure each student fully understands what is being covered and incorporates fun ways to keep them engaged and fascinated with this amazing information Vianna has shared with us.

Whether you are a non-linear or linear intuitive learner, or whether you learn best by hearing, seeing or feeling... Dawn has something special in store for you.

Know your Prerequisites. Click image below.

ThetaHealing Practitioner Certification Training in Palm Desert-Palm Springs, California. Instructed by Dawn Maree, ThetaHealing Certificate of Science, ThetaHealing Master.

Message from Dawn
I would be truly honored to have you join us for classes. I am dedicated to making sure Vianna's teachings are taught to the best of my abilities and intrepretations in a clear, concise, organized, engaging and fun way allowing spirit to guide the class. I have been blessed to assist Vianna in teacher's training over the last 8 summers (2010-2017), I have attended an average of 3 weeks and up to 16 weeks of teacher's training each summer since 2010, whether repeating classes, assisting Vianna, or taking new classes. This requires  a big commitment of time, resources and finances to accomplish this and I make it my priority each summer. ThetaHealing is an evolving art, and for me, it is my personal commitment to stay current and up to date with techniques and teachings by being part of the wonderful healing energy of love when attending teacher's training with Vianna each summer.

Whether in a class I teach, or in Montana for teacher's training, I look forward to crossing paths with you. ~Dawn Maree

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Terms and Conditions

There is a non-refundable policy on all ThetaHealing classes instructed by Dawn Maree. If for any reason, a registered student is unable to attend or complete the minimum attendance requirements for the ThetaHealing class they are registered for, the unused portion will be credited back to me in the form of class credit to be applied towards other classes, sessions or products Dawn Maree offers for use within 1 year. In the case of an emergency and with written notice prior to the start of the class, class(es) are transferable to another student.

Classes are pending until student minimums are met. In the case that the student minimums are not reached, class will be postponed or canceled depending on length of travel trip and interest. To verify if a class is confirmed, please contact Dawn.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We recommend you contact your travel agent to purchase travel insurance in the event that you need to cancel or change your travel plans.

LATE REGISTRATION price applies when a student enrolls in classes 3 days or less before class starts.

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