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ThetaHealing® Sessions with Dawn Maree
Limited time offer!
Good thru 8/31/13!

  Dawn makes it easy for YOU to invest in YOURSELF!

Take advantage of this limited time offer

More than ever before people are realizing the benefit of Dawn Maree's Theta Healing sessions which enable you to make changes at a deep, subconscious level. These life changing experiences improve your zest for life, realign priorities and help you become the person you've always dreamed of being.

Even the most successful athletes and businesses understand the importance of having someone invested in their progress and continued success. Dawn wants to be that someone invested in YOU.

Improve the quality of your life and the ability to release old unwanted patterns while developing strategies to further advance your successful results.

Sessions are designed around your desired outcome for rapid and life shifting change. In your Theta Healing sessions, you will experience freedom from emotions and beliefs that may be holding you back and allow you to connect with the infinite possibilities your life has to offer.

Repetition is KEY to
making life changing shifts


Dawn  recently created a survey and found the majority of people who have worked with her in a Theta Healing Session desire to continue their growth and clearing of subconscious blocks holding them back in all areas of their lives, but the biggest deterrent was the financial commitment.

Dawn took this into consideration and decided to design an affordable way for those interested to continue their self improvement path while being easy on the pocket book. This is definitely a limited time offer once you see the prices below, so lock in while you can!

Here are the details...

10 Sessions for only
ONLY $875!
That's for 10 sessions
  • Each session runs 45 minutes in length
The Key here is to build on repetition and keep building on what we have worked on. Dawn has witnessed that after a few sessions with weekly clients, belief shifts become more pronounced, quicker and easier. In between sessions, the clients are motivated to work on the next batch of beliefs that come to the surface to be cleared.

Why is Dawn doing this?
Well as you probably already realize, Dawn's marketing style is daring as she has gifted over 1,500+ sessions (and counting each day). Dawn will continue to offer this to new clients (so tell your friends!). Bottom line... Dawn believes in Theta Healing and in YOU.  She also believes in giving and lives by the motto, "The same opening you give through, is the same opening you receive through".

You can be one of the ones that will reap the benefits of her daring and creative marketing. So why not let her treat you like the VIP you already are NOW!

Dawn is so confident in the results that will be gained through the "10 Session Challenge", she is willing to do it at this unheard of, rock bottom price to establish herself with you and for the word of mouth referral that will result from your transformation.

You ready to take the challenge?

Limited Time Discounted Price ends August 31, 2013

10 Session Challenge
ONLY $875!

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* 10 Sessions must be redeemed within 1 year.
** Sessions are non-transferable with this special block rate