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Teacher Assistants

Teacher Assistant Application

General Requirements:
  • Applicant is asked to be in class from start time to finish time each day. For longer classes, exceptions are made as long as applicant advises ahead of time.
  • Applicant is to help set up prior to class starting, every morning.
  • Applicant is to help set up breaks.
  • Applicant is to help clean up each night after class.
  • Applicant is to be available to meet with Dawn to discuss what will need to be done during the class for that day.
  • Applicant needs to specify Dates, Classes and Country for which they are applying.

Other Requirements:

Please complete form below and include why you are interested in this position.

Dawn is grateful for your interest in this position and want to thank all those that apply for doing so. Dawn will email everyone back to let them know we have received your application.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Message to Dawn (optional)
How did you hear about Dawn?
Have you taken any ThetaHealing classes before? If so, which ones? Year completed

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