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Dawn Maree
 is a
Certificate of Science, Master Instructor and Practitioner
in the
ThetaHealing® modality 
one of the first 150 worldwide at this level
(the highest designation in ThetaHealing)

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind to fix the "bugs in your software", therefore allowing miraculous instant healings and profound life changes. Whether you seek to transform your health, your finances, your relationships or your spirituality, Theta is a surprisingly fast and easy way to make permanent, lasting, and effective changes in your life.

ThetaHealing is good for:

  • Self Help for both financial and health problems
  • Pain Relief, including Back Pain Relief
  • Energy Healing on emotional trauma and relationships
  • Personal Growth and spirituality

You are encouraged to peruse the site as each page will explain a little more about what Theta Healing is about. 


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Dawn is available to come to your area or country and teach your group any, or all of the 10 ThetaHealing classes offered. Click image below for [details]


Offering Affordable,
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Payment Plans so be sure to ASK!

In 2010, Dawn completed a
all ThetaHealing courses in Idaho at THInK Institute (Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge) over the summer and has received her Certificate of Science in Theta Healing. In Summer 2014, Dawn Maree recertified as a Certificate of Science good thru 2022. She teaches all 16 of the ThetaHealing courses
(Dawn and Vianna are shown at below)


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